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APP use Q&A

The Letron APP currently only provides a Chinese interface, and the song creation tool can fill in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean lyrics.
We will continue to add other language versions, so stay tuned!

Now there are two genres to choose from: “Lyric Song” and “Quick Song”.

OK! After entering the lyrics, the system will recommend multiple melody, just listen to it and choose the one you like!

Letron has a built-in thesaurus, and the lyrics provided are all licensed under CC, which can be used and modified freely. Of course, writing the lyrics yourself is more likely to impress your audience!

OK! We believe that creative inspiration comes from life, so we also encourage everyone to feel free to write about their feelings.
Each lyric can be stored and used individually, and previously stored lyrics can be imported when writing a new song.

After writing the lyrics, Letron will recommend 4 melodies at a time. If you want to listen to more melodies, you can long press the song paragraph button above (for example: “Verse”), and another 4 melodies will be recommended. !

Songs are free for personal sharing and posting on personal social media, but if you want to monetize the song, you need to pay a fee to obtain commercial rights to the song, which can then be used unlimitedly on various platforms.

After obtaining commercial use rights, you will have the opportunity to receive derivative royalties. Since Letron is also the co-right holder of the song’s composition, if there are future royalties, we will distribute 30% of the income.

The Letron APP is the co-right holder of the song’s composition. You need to obtain the commercial use right to obtain the MIDI file of the song, which can be used for unlimited commercial use on various platforms.

Use for School Q&A

Schools do not need to pay extra for Letron and can be used for teaching.
The rights specification is the same as that of ordinary users: works can be shared by individuals, and commercial use requires a license fee.

It is recommended that you use your mobile phone or tablet to download the Letron APP.

To maintain user privacy, you must present a teacher certificate and complete the application form to register for a teacher account.

You can use Excel to bulk import student lists, add students to your member list, and add them when you start an assignment activity.
After that, students only need to enter the activity #hashtag when sharing on the Letron platform to submit their works with one click.

1. After the MV is synthesized, it can be shared with other social platform. If the device has Google Classroom, it can be shared.

2. If Google Classroom is not installed, you can share it to other social media first, then save the file and upload the work to Google Classroom.

Use for Business Q&A

We offer free-mien service to help you scale your event.
If you need more services, such as: establishing an exclusive event official website, holding physical music events, etc., please contact us for relevant instructions.

The Letron APP homepage banner will update the latest event news from time to time. At the same time, it will also conduct cloud push broadcasts and send user letters to assist you in promoting the event content.

The content of the event is at the discretion of your team, for example, participants can be asked to embed the branded Slogan in the lyrics, or the merchandise in the MV.

Participation in activities is for commercial purposes, and relevant fees must be paid in accordance with the commercial use specifications of Letron.
The same work can participate in other activities unlimited times without repeated payment.

You can regulate the ownership of the copyright of the winning works through the entry method. Letron is also the co-owner of the song’s composition. If there is any future royalty income, 30% of the income will be distributed.