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About Letron

Letron Music Inc.  Since 2019

Our Vision

Build a Global Music Ecosystem


With the world’s leading AI music, big data technology, and copyright blockchain, it has established a music ecosystem that includes creation, authorization, singing, and listening, and has become the world’s most complete one-stop song copyright authorization center.

As an auxiliary creative tool, Letron actively organizes various music activities. The APP has been used by students in more than 400 schools. Interactive community and Japanese and Korean versions will be launched this year, so stay tuned!



After completing the beta test, the Letron APP is officially launched.

Hold Taiwan Cup AI Songwriting Competition.

Letron’s first album and micro-movie were released.

Letron APP
樂點 APP

Choose the length of the song you want to create, and decide the genre of the song.

Feel free to fill in the lyrics and send them to the cloud for processing.

The AI recommends multiple melodies and arrangements. Users only need to listen and select, or open the editing tool to fine-tune the pitch and length of the notes.

After the song is created, you can choose to record the singing, upload a personal picture or a video to synthesize the MV.

The MV can be shared on the Letron platform for publication, or shared with other personal social media.

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