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The Easiest Song Writing APP

With Letron APP, everyone can be a songwriter!
Just enter the lyrics, and you can follow Letron step by step to create original songs, record singing, and publish your own MVs.

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Even if you haven't learned Music!

Do you have a story or mood that you would like to express with a song? 
Do you want to write songs to record your life but are not familiar with instruments or music theory?
Are you always uninspired when you write songs?

Come and try Letron APP, everyone can easily write their own good songs!

Make MV

Record your singing, then upload your photos or videos, and the MV is ready!

AI Assistance

The world’s first AI co-creation system allows you to easily write good songs!

One-Click Sharing

After the MV is completed, share it on your personal social media for free!

What the Media and Users Say

The Largest Songwriting Platform in Taiwan

Original Songs
1 K

The number of original songs continues to grow rapidly, and 65% of the songs are shared by users.

School Students

Distributed from elementary schools to universities, and some are used in music classes by teachers. 

1 %

Users generally feel that using the Letron APP to create songs and publish MVs is very easy.


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